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here as they were dealing with unruly and drunk fans. we caught up with mayor ed lee despite a few isolated problems, he is hopeful the party won't get out of hand tonight. >> we learnt from the world series, we learned what people are, can do. partly over inebriation, partly because it is the evening and partly overexuberance. that's why we had to do an early message. >> back here, you can see the fans are waiting for the game to get started again. the power out at the superdome. they're making sure that it stays that way. mayor lee made a bet with baltimore's mayor that the winning mayor would host the losing mayor to take part in a day of service in their city. so we'll see what happens. right now, not looking so good for san francisco mayor ed lee. we haven't given up hope here at
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pete's tavern. back to you. >> all right. thanks very much for that report. some arrests in san francisco as we have seen and there may be more arrests before this evening is over. nbc bay area's kimberly tere joins us as the dui check point is about to get underway. >> reporter: police are getting set up. they say they know people like to have a few drinks on super bowl sunday. they're just hoping that those people make good decisions once they get into their cars to head home. dui checkpoints will be set up across the bay area tonight, including the one that we talked about in sunnyvale on south matilda. the sun 50 vail police are part of the dui task forceful 13 agencies are combining their oefrts what has become almost a national holiday. law enforcement is urging all super bowl partygoers to find a designated driver and avoid drinking too much alcohol. they say if you have to, call a cab. >> better safe than sorry.
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don't drink and drive. and it is better to be safe by having somebody who is not going to drink to be your designated driver. >> reporter: police say they want to you celebrate a potential 49ers win. they just don't want you to do it in jail. the dui checkpoints are expected to start going up around 7:00 and police say you can also expect extra patrols tonight on the streets and on the highways. live in sunnyvale, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the super bowl is typically the most watched television event of the year and it turns out many people use it as an excuse to get a new tv. for the past several years, tv sales spiked before the super bowl. this year was no exception. especially here in niner territory. >> at least 25% more sales when the super bowl, our home teams are in it. a lot of people want super bowl parties and what better thing to have with a nice new tv. especially the way they've been coming down in prices.
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>> a salesman at his best. experts say the boom in tv sales has been especially good for brick and mortar stores. shoppers tend to prefer buying such a large expensive item in person rather than online. a bay area mom said she has a little idea of what the harbaugh family is going through on a much different scale. >> she is the only ravens fan in a house full of niners fans. she married a bay area man and they live in antioch. she stayed loyal to the ravens and is standing her ground against a house full of niner fans. even though there's some trash going original she knows someone in her house will be disappointed. at this point it looks like it won't be her. >> i have mixed emotions. as a mother you don't want to see your children have hurt feelings. it will have to happen. yeah. i'll have to bake him cookies or let him eat all the cake. i don't know. >> to keep the peace she said she'll decorate half the cake in niner colors.
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the other in raven colors. you can get complete postgame coverage of super bowl xlvii coverage immediately after the game. you can view the photos. happening right now, a search is underway in santa rosa for a man who disappeared in a state park. it started when a couple called 911 to report a man in a pickup truck had followed them to their house and was strangely. by the time police had got there, the man had reportedly walked into annandale state park. around the same time, family members called to say he was missing and suffering from mental health issues. then a few hours later a mountain biker reported coming across a man in that park who was naked and chanting. >> mountain biker saw that. did not confront it or talk to him and then came down and reported that to us. last night henry as well as some
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deputies from the sheriff's department did a ground search, an aerial. we were unable to locate him and it was decided based upon the fact the reported sighting, that we would call out the search and rescue team. >> reporter: a woman at the scene who identified herself as the man's wife described him agency 6'6" with sandy brown hair and about 185 pounds. police in fairfield continue to search for answers and a suspect in the case of a girl found dead in a park friday. a memorial was held yesterday for the 13-year-old foster child. her naked body was discovered early friday by a homeless man. he said there were no signs of trauma on the body but police have ruled it a homicide. the girl was last seen leaving nearby green valley middle school thursday afternoon. the classmates and strangers have come by allen witt park to leave items in her memory. police are looking for clues as to what happened. coming up next, at 6:00, a
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double homicide at a gun range that left a former navy sniper dead. we'll have a look at the connection between victims and the suspect. plus, caught on tape. chaos at the of the guard ceremony when a man with a knife charges buckingham palace. this is a story that belongs to everybody. and it is so cool to be able to share this with everyone. a trip down memory lane ends with history being rewritten. what one south bay woman found out about her family that could change the way we all remember an historic moment in california history. and the weekend finished on a sunny note for most of the bay area. we saw a high, the 50s to the low 60s. it will include more clouds and a return to rain and winter like temperatures coming back. we'll have a look at the forecast when we come right back. a super disaster at the superdome. the super bowl. the power is still out down there. here's a live shot. you can see the fans kind of milling about, wondering what to do. they're waiting for the game to
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get going again.
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a royal ceremony was interrupted today when a man with two knives broke through security and head toward the gates of buckingham palace. you can see the video. it happened in front of a crowd gathered for the of the guard there. when officers approached him, he held out one of the knives to his throat. police then tasered the man who
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immediately fell to the ground. he was arrested and taken into custody. the queen and prince phillip were not at the palace at the time. dallas area police are investigating the killings of two men including a highly decorated navy s.e.a.l. at a shooting range. retired s.e.a.l. chris kyle claimed the title of deadliest sniper in military history but was also well known for helping veterans pull their lives together after leaving the battlefield. the friend said it was one of those troubled veterans who turned a gun on kyle and another man for reason that's remain unclear. brian moore has the story from washington. r. former navy seal chris kyle risked his life on the world's most dangerous battlefield and he claim more enemy kills than any other sniper in american history. he and 35-year-old chad littlefield were gunned down saturday at this north texas shooting range where a friend says kyle often tried to help troubled warriors reconnect with the world. charged with two counts of capital murder, a 25-year-old marine reservist and iraq war
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veteran named eddie ray rough. >> it is my understanding the suspect may have been suffering from some type of mental illness from being in the military himself. i understand he was a marine for four years. >> reporter: authorities say they found the handgun used in the killing at his home. >> he went to his sister's home and told his sister and his brother-in-law what he had just done. >> reporter: kyle penned a best selling book. "american sniper, the autobiography of the most leads sniper in u.s. military history." >> every person i killed i have a clear conscious of. they were actively trying to harm americans, allies or the civilians. >> reporter: he was larger than life. made for tv but initially spurned an offer to appear in the nbc reality show "stars earn stripes." >> all the money raised was going to charity. this was supposed to highlight the military. i was all in. >> reporter: famed for taking lives in war, chris kyle devoted himself to life better for
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others until the day he died. the suspect has been ordered held on $3 million bond. brian moore, nbc news, washington. still to come at 6:00, the boy scouts will meet this week to discuss a long time policy. a ban on gay members. today president obama weighed in on the controversial topic. plus, a change in the forecast that could affect your commute this week. a beautiful night in san francisco.
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as we've been reporting, the power is out at the superdome. we want to go to dave feldman at the csn sports net.
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you're here by phone. i understand the power is back on. this has to be really unusual. >> reporter: yeah, it is. it just went back on. it was a 34-minute delay. and if anything, it is good news for the 49ers. because the 49ers were clearly the team without the momentum. they're losing 28-6. and the ravens have just returned a kickoff for 100 yards. the longest in super bowl history. things were not going their way. during the delay, you know, the 49ers were kind of cool and calm. they've been through this before. it happened on a monday night game at candlestick park and the power went out. that's the game that they had won. the ravens were very upset. john harbaugh visibly upset because he thought they should start play a little earlier. their side line didn't have as many technical problems as the 49ers side line which didn't have their fax machines and picture machines back up. they take photographs of all the plays and the players analyze them. so the 49ers' side line was
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having more difficulty than the ravens' side line and the ravens' side line was upset that play wasn't started earlier. >> thanks a lot. we hope this is a turn-around for those 49ers. we'll check with you later. >> reporter: okay. thanks. the president sat down with cbs anchor scott before the super bowl and he expanded on this week's remarks regarding his concerns about player safety. >> i feel differently about the nfl. these are grown men. they're well compensated. they know the risks that are involved. as we start thinking about the pipeline. pop warner, high school, college, i want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to make the sport safer and that means that the game is probably going to evolve a little bit. >> the president also talked about one of the hot issues on the table. whether scouts should allow gays and lesbians to be members. he identified it as a great institution that promotes young people, giving them lifelong
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leadership and tons. and during the presuper bowl interview, he said no one should be barred. it is national executive board will discuss the issue this week. the boy scouts announced last week it was considering replacing the longstanding ban on gays but the policy to let troop sponsors make their own decision on the issue. the gay rights activists praised the announcement while some conservative church groups expressed alarm. the new secretary of state spent most of the first full day on the job, on the phone. two days after being sworn in, john kerry was busy with diplomatic issues around the world. he made calls to officials in israel, canada, turkey and mexico to receive updates on u.s. diplomatic concerns. in a conversation with the palestinian president, kerry said he intended to visit the region to discuss the peace process with israel. oracle team usa is gearing up to relaunch their racing yacht tomorrow morning. you might remember the 72-foot catamaran capsized on the bay in
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october. the bat's new 131-foot sail was built in new zealand. oracle has until september to practice with that new yacht and that's when america's cup race is scheduled to begin. the pictures are so dramatic. it is hard to watch. >> a bigger boat. >> yeah. >> hopefully that means -- any way. let's check with rob mayeda on the weather. we have a nice day out there. >> i think we're going to carry over the weather we saw today. all the sunshine, 60-degree temperatures to start the week but big changes on the way. a gorgeous night in san francisco. we've got the optimism beacon in downtown san francisco, hoping for a different outcome the second half of the super bowl. you can see the mainly clear skies. 51 degrees in san francisco. mainly clear but patchy fog. the sea breeze is pushing in the moisture from the coast. we will see those clouds in a few spots. the temperature in the 40s.
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you can see it is hitting the west coast far from now. the high pressure keeps the storm track off to the north. tuesday into wednesday, then this jet stream will drop down through california. come thursday and friday, this is going to bring much colder air and a weather system dropping down that will toss some rain our way, probably less than a half inch for most places. as typical, the systems come in it off the north and tend to be cold. this will be cold enough for some snow. maybe as low as 3,000 feet. the peaks, thursday into friday. you could see light snowfall. hour by hour, you see the low clouds coming back through golden gate and heading into parts of the east bay. some inland fog for the morning. mostly sunny for the afternoon. with some patchy clouds out of the coast. monday and tuesday looking more like june. they come for the coast and then stay on the coastline as we head through afternoon.
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sunny skies inland. the temperatures around the bay area. 30s to some low 40s. tomorrow's highs will be climbing into the low 60s around the south bay. san jose, near 62 degrees. 64 in santa cruz. it should be the warmest day of the week. if you have outdoor plans, a pretty good day. tri-valley looking nice. close to 60 in san francisco. 64 degrees around napa. so two different weather patterns we're seeing. a dry pattern to start. that will hold through wednesday. thursday and friday, watch the temperatures drop into the low 50s. cold air coming in. northwest winds. you will really feel the difference in the canadian air conditioning. we'll get here on thursday and you will see the chance of showers probably carrying over into friday and then clearing out and warming up just in time for next weekend. so return to some rain and cool temperatures. it is not going on stick around too long. >> thanks a lot. coming up, a bay area family tree revealing roots. the new information this woman discovered, she's coming up
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about, a disastrous event in the bay area history.
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be fast but be right. it is something every journalist tries to do. as we all know, sometime accuracy is the victim of speed. >> what you may not know, this is not a new phenomenon. something the amateur historian discovered while looking into a tragedy from last century. nbc's bay area garvin thomas has the story.
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>> reporter: it's amazing just what the internet age allows us to do. how else could claire briton warren from her home in the santa cruz mountains with a cat on her lap and a bird over her shoulder have spent the past three years conducting research into an event 160 years old. >> it is really fragile. >> reporter: the jenny lind disaster. on april 11th, 1853, the boiler aboard the jenny lind blew up. scalding water drenched the women, children and first class passengers just sitting down for lunch. 50 people died. >> some of them lingered for days. other one for hours. >> reporter: the fact that one of the dead, john bradbury was her ancestor sparked her interest to learn more of the history. history she later discovered that wasn't always correct.
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>> it was raining on that particular day. >> reporter: rushed and incomplete reporting at the time of the disaster led to misconceptions about such things as where the accident happened. claire and fellow researchers determined it to be just north of where the did you mean barton bridge stands today. she commission what had she believes to be the only accurate drawing of what the steam boat really looked like. but it was research into who was on board who didn't survive that most intrigued claire. documents and graves at mission delores in san francisco as well as other cemeteries and archives around the bay area and the country filled in the details. >> it took quite a while before i really realized what i was on to. >> reporter: aboard the jenny lipd was an impressive gathering of bay area elite. a group instrumental in the lob yig effort to make san jose california's state capital. all of them wimd out in a single
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day. sacramento was named the permanent capital less than one year later. were it not for the explosion, would california's camden building now stand in the south bay? >> it is definitely a possibility. certainly something to ponder. >> reporter: claire's research has even led santa clara county to putp a monument to the disaster this april, a reminder of the bay area's steam boat history and the one ship that may have changed bay area history. >> this is a story that belongs to everybody. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> we're still the capital of the silicon valley. don't have to be the capital of the whole state.
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chicken wings are a staple in throwing tailgating parties. there was a concern there might be a shortage of chicken wings because of the drought. >> the theory was fewer chickens
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would be raise asked therefore fewer wings. not true. americans will consume a billion wings this weekend alone. owners of the wing spot say they'll go through about 1,200 pounds of chicken today. they stopped accepting online orders earlier this week and were completely sold out for pregame pick-up slots between 1:00 and 3:00. >> about triple our typical business on a day like today. all the 49er championship games have been extraordinarily busy for us and this is going to be another one. probably even busier. >> even president obama likes his wings. he told nbc today, he had wings waiting for him in, where else? the west wing. >> absolutely. super bowl xlvii, it has been passed down to new jersey. home of the giants and jets will host super bowl xlviii next year. the louisiana governor bobby
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jindal and chris christy this afternoon. the mardi gras mask and the football were some of the items passed to the new jersey counterparts. next year's game will be the first open air super bowl game to be played in a cold weather climate. good luck with that. and stay with nbc bay area news following the game. we'll be broadcasting from new orleans. we have a team of reporters there. what are they doing passing the helmet before the game is over? wait until after. >> stealing the thunder. >> it doesn't seem right. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. see you back at 11:00.
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- [sighs] oh. - now, remind me, did you just do the philadelphia cotillion, or did you also debut internationally? - i'm happy to say that i don't even get that. - how was your trip? - terrible. i had to give up my window seat to some seven-year-old
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who had to sit next to her precious mommy. - what about the actual purpose of your trip? how is the search for the new cast member going? - okay. i saw a few good alternative comics in san francisco. - san francisco? i asked you to find an actor from middle america, a real person. you're not going to find him in the people's gay-public of drug-ifornia. - jeez, relax. i'm also setting up auditions in toronto. - canada? [chuckling] why not just go to iraq? the television audience doesn't want your elitist east coast, alternative, intellectual, left-wing-- - jack, just say jewish. this is taking forever. - stop trying to amuse yourself and start thinking about what makes actual human beings laugh. - who wants-- my puddings! [laughter] - now that's what i'm talking about. - what a dumb-- oh, no, he's really hurt. - hey, tracy, did you hear? fred dawkins, the incredibly overweight guy that pac-man was based on died last night. - i will eat a bowl of cherries and some ghost meat in his honor. orange and black decorations? is this halloween or princeton parents' weekend?
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